everybody's hero

Eat Chips ‘n’ Get Ript 

Welcome to Everybody’s Hero and the vlog project 'Eat chips ‘n’ get ript', a journey thru the dietary and exercise habits of ‘the new Joe Wicks’ – it’s all salads and pulses and treating the body like a temple.

Lies, lies and more lies. It is actually a scratchy looking set of badly edited videos that showcase the amount of crap I ingest whilst trying to stay in shape. It is diet and fitness vlogging for those people that just have to have that kebab.

Stick around and you will see lots of coverage of me eating many wonderfully weird concoctions. The caveat being that I am also a little obsessed with health and fitness.

Being a bit vain and liking to look at myself in the mirror, means that to do that without making myself feel sick, I have to beast myself.

This beasting may take the form of hardcore workouts, fasts, random diet experiments and the consumption of a myriad of supplements.

So enjoy the ‘recipes’, the quantity of food that is put away, the look into the ‘medicine cabinet’ and the ‘weighting’ around.