Worried that the only people noticing you are the body shamers?

Then why not build muscle and burn fat, but from the comfort of your home?

Introducing a US Military-designed approach to fitness

Concerned that your gym is still closed?

You catch your reflection in the mirror and the realization hits you like a punch to your (flabby) gut. You are seriously out of shape and it’s weighing on your mind like the dumbbells that you haven’t been lifting. What you need is a solution to make you as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside. A solution that can work anywhere.

Every man and woman is fighting the effects of Corona Virus day after day 

The effects of Corona on their waistline, that is

Staying in shape is difficult enough at the best of times, let alone during a period like no other in recent history. As if you need reminding, the gyms have been closed and lots of nutritious foods have been continually out of stock and hard to get hold of. All this has resulted in some additional weight gain for most of us. The hectic new world order has meant; home schooling of the kids; taking endless video conference meetings whilst not moving from the couch; and restrictions on outdoor exercise. Together a powerful combination that has helped shred your confidence to tatters when you catch your reflection in the mirror. 

So you don’t know where to start when it comes to fighting back against your negative self-image and meaty frame?

Well, the war on Corona-fat begins at home. With the Ultimate Kettlebell Training & Fat Loss Book you will have, at your fingertips, all the information you need to drastically transform your physical appearance. This means that the information can be absorbed comfortably in any order at whatever pace suits you, the home learner. Find yourself immediately enabled to take matters into your own hands – own the process of your own rebirth as a fit and desirable human being.

Now you can control your own physical destiny with a carefully structured, easy to implement program, designed by Corey Lewis, who himself had to combat his own war on fat. He has since re-enlisted in the US military off the back of his dramatic, self-managed physical transformation. 

Why this is a step up on any other home workout program you have tried

Probably like me, you have tried several home workout products before, and most probably none have stuck, as otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this.  You have probably given up on them after a short period of time because they ‘don’t work’, or they’re ‘too complicated’ to follow. Or perhaps maybe the opposite was true, and the product didn’t include enough details or was ‘poorly explained’. It might have even been the case that once you got your hands on the offending item, you were forced to return it, as there was no real value to be had. 

Well, the Ultimate Kettlebell Training & Fat Loss Book is yours for 7 dollars, so the price point shouldn’t be too intimidating, and with close to 100 pages of clearly explained exercises and dietary insights, the value is plain to see. We are so confident that you will find the guide easy to follow and valuable to own that there is a 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee.

everybody's hero

Who are you giving your 7-dollars to?

Well I am selling this guide because I have used it and learned from it. I was an avid gym-goer before lockdown started, so was in good shape anyway, so am not going to tell you that I ‘lost 30lbs within a week of reading this eBook’, or some other similar bull. What I will tell you though is that with this guide and a single kettlebell I have stayed in good shape within the confines of my own home.

You can do this

Earlier we looked at some of the most common ‘reasons’ why other home workout programs have let you down. The truth is that you just need to find the right tools for you as an individual. So far, circumstance has prevented that from happening, but you have before you now an opportunity to make the change that you need.

The Ultimate Kettlebell Training & Fat Loss Book could be the missing piece in making you into a vastly improved physical specimen. The eBook is –

  • Affordable – at only 7 dollars, can you afford not to invest here?
  • Detailed - with several exercise and routines described extensively with accompanying imagery
  • Thorough – lots of explanation about how to combine exercise routines with regulated eating to combat fat and build big gains
  • Clear – written simply - no technical jargon to get you confused
ultimate kettlebell training - cover

Let’s be honest – you’re not just taking matters into your own hands around getting in shape just ‘for you’. You want other people to admire you, and there is absolutely no shame in that. It feels good to be noticed in a positive way.  The Ultimate Kettlebell Training & Fat Loss Book will give you the tools you need to create a positive new self-image. Then that self-image will be the ticket to a better life – get noticed, rather than stared at.

It’s your turn to change

With The Ultimate Kettlebell Training & Fat Loss Book, get walked step-by-step through the home exercise routines that will get you into the sort of shape that other people want to see. For only 7 dollars see helpful photo sequences that demonstrate the moves that you need to practice to get that toned, lean, muscular physique. Then be guided about how to modify your eating to get the best of the hard work you are putting into your workouts.

Exclusive fast action bonus

Order now to receive a limited edition guide that advises on how best to defend yourself against the onset of Corona virus. Priceless information that can keep both you and loved ones safe, for free when you buy The Ultimate Kettlebell Training & Fat Loss Book.