Being stuck at home for weeks on end has meant that you are likely re-emerging into the world looking a little worse for wear

So what are you going to do about it?

You are going to start getting your body back

Corona virus has made everyone evaluate what is important to them. We need to be far more aware of how we live and of how to be considerate of others. That is the textbook, socially responsible answer to what has happened across the globe over the last few months.

To an extent, it is true, but in reality, it has also made everyone crave their creature comforts that they used to take for granted. The things that made their life better in some way that they have been denied. Going to the gym couldn’t ever be considered a creature comfort, but it is a privilege that has been lost.

The benefit of having access to that privilege was that you could get yourself looking in such a way that you felt better about yourself. Proud of what you had slaved and sweated to achieve, and happy that other people wanted to look at and appreciate you.

Now you are in a scenario where maybe your gym is still closed or you have let yourself go to the extent that you are embarrassed to go back and be seen wobbling around in that too-tight lycra. You need some quick tips, tricks and advice to get you back fighting fit. Not to mention some guidance on how to stay Corona-free as and when you do gain the courage (or permission) to start venturing out towards your gym.

It’s not another diet plan

Although I have a bunch of those if you feel you’re at the stage where you want to make a significant change to your lifestyle. But I digress – this report will just give you some high level pointers that can give you a starting point and the motivation to consider that lifestyle change. 

This might just change your life

Bold words, eh? No, there is not some far-fetched miracle formula in the report. We’re not going to have you hanging upside down naked from the lampshade, whilst gargling your own urine each night before bed, with a promised result of eternal youth. However, there are some words of wisdom and pointers to get you thinking about what else you can do to get you body beautiful again, or even for the first time. 

You have nothing to lose

It’s free and who knows where asking for this report might lead? It could be that epiphany, that moment where it finally hits home, that you can control how you look and how other people see you. Start your journey towards a positive self-image here.