Don’t think you can be beautiful again, inside and out?

Build a better you with The Health Vault™, the perfect fit for your new life

This self-help model will enable you to look in the mirror with confidence

Do you want to crush  ‘groundhog day ‘ syndrome?

The Corona pandemic has turned everyone’s lives upside down. Being stuck at home day after day has made it almost impossible to even know what day of the week it is. Take this opportunity of enforced time away from your usual life to work towards making what you come back to in the ‘real world’ more aligned to where you want it to be. If you have let yourself go over Lockdown, or for that matter over the last (uncounted) years, it’s time to make yourself proud again. You can create a better version of yourself whilst hidden away at home and get yourself noticed again for the right reasons.  

No, this isn’t just a diet plan

The Health Vault is so much more than that – it’s a lifestyle shift that will have you self-govern the key trifecta that shapes your overall wellbeing – mental, dietary and physical conditioning. The Health Vault is a series of programs that can be viewed independently or combined together to alter your knowledge around and approach to, both physical and mental health. The Health Vault is designed to expose you to a diverse range of practices and programs that you can experiment with to find the balance that best contributes to the ‘you goals’ you have.  

This is different to other ‘self improvement’ options that you have tried

The Health Vault takes a different approach to getting the right information into your hands. We personally curate the most topical and interesting content for you from a wide range of sources. These pockets of information come from separate experts each extensively read and practiced in their field of choice, so you are not reliant on a single individual who is trying to extend their knowledge beyond their comfort zone. Different sources mean different perspectives, some complementary, some contradictory. Ultimately you are provided with choice to elect to take the route that best suits your tastes, personal situation and lifestyle preferences. 

No it is not a ‘miracle cure’ where you do nothing, but it can actually work

How many products and service do you get exposed to, for which the marketing message is one of ‘instant gratification’? I have been there myself, and I know how tiring it can be, being promised the sun, moon and stars when all you want is something reliable that can start to move the needle in the right direction. 

The Health Vault does not work without some work and effort. Nothing does. We are not making unbelievable claims here, as we want you to be fully aware that by making a commitment to improve yourself, you will get out a whole lot more if you put in something of yourself. 

Think of The Health Vault as an engine that requires the fuel of your effort to process an outcome that will move you forwards towards your targets and goals. With a little guidance you can be enabled to help yourself – and who cares about you more than you? No one. You will be invested in making yourself better like no one else ever could, especially when you start to see the benefits of your labour.

If you have tried other routines and were unable to stick with them, you will be pleasantly surprised with the way The Health Vault is designed

The thing with so many ‘get healthy’ programs is that they are difficult to stick to. This can be for a number of reasons – you may get so far in, then realize that the approach is just not right for you; or perhaps you set out with all the best intentions in the world, but life just gets in the way – who has the time for this sort of thing, right? Could it be that the long, linear journey of working though some monster program is just too daunting?

Well there is good news here

The Health Vault is designed in such a way to help retain your motivation. Everything is in manageable chunks, with no one component of the suggested learning overly long, nor completely reliant on others.

As every course or handbook can be considered a standalone product, even if you strongly reject the practices in a particular offering, you can always rest assured that something new and fresh with an alternative approach will be with you the very next month. 

Staggering the delivery of products means that you will experience that exciting ‘I am trying something new’ sensation every single month. The novelty factor never stops, and even if you end up giving up on every course element within a couple of weeks, the cumulative gains of the different approaches, even over a short period, will have you in a far better place than where you started. 

Think of The Health Vault as a more piecemeal approach to creating a better you – like an opportunity to sample many different solutions that are out there until you find the one that resonates and impacts you so much that you want to concentrate mainly on that to move forward with.

If you think you like your food too much to lose any weight, realizing what you can eat and still make improvements will shock you

Personally I love eating more than anything else - literally anything else. The worst thing as well is that it is not the leafy greens that interest me, but the tasty stuff. I guess like 99% of other people, I want my food to be enjoyable. 

Off the back of this then, I am not one for advocating anything that I wouldn’t consider myself. So the diet plans we look at are all based around eating stuff that is ‘nice’ and in decent volumes. Yes, you are cutting out some things, but you are not depriving yourself on portion sizes or of ‘nice’ foods.

You can make massive improvements to your physical condition without much, if any, gym equipment

As an FYI, most people that go to the gym and lift the heaviest weight they can with terrible technique and no strategy, are wasting their time and effort. Not only are they unlikely to see the results they desire, but they run the risk of injuring themselves in the process of not achieving anything of note. 

The most surefire way to discourage yourself when trying to make a change is through putting yourself in a position where seeing results is difficult and the process you’re implementing makes everything seem like an uphill struggle. 

So with the focus on easy to perform, home-based exercise, there are few barriers to entry. No expensive gym memberships and minimal equipment is required. The idea is to dive right in and start to see the benefits immediately, without the pressure of other people watching over your shoulder. You only have to answer to and impress yourself.

A home workout can be as good as a gym-based one

How effective any exercise is for a specific individual relates to how they approach it. It is important to accept that fact that it doesn’t matter where you exercise, it is the commitment to a regulated program that will make all the difference to your gains. This coupled with correct technical execution of the exercises will ensure that you see as impressive results when working out at home as you would from going to the gym.

Even if you feel fine now, what’s the harm in giving your mental wellbeing some due care, love and attention? 

Taking note of mental health does not mean that you necessarily have something ‘wrong’. Being aware of your mental condition can act as a ‘safety blanket’ to guard against any future issues. You may also find that a few simple routines and practices even improve your current state of mind without you ever having to acknowledge that something was amiss.

The Health Vault provides a wellness plan that allows subscribers to duck in and out, experimenting with the latest trends in personal health and fitness. Each month you will receive at least one handpicked offering from our internal team of experts who curate the best health, fitness and self-improvement resources from around the digital world.


Alternatively, you can get singular offerings from our catalogue at the same time that they are shared with subscribers. Once you have picked up a one-off, standalone offering from us, your curiosity is likely to be peaked. You have the gateway into a new world of learning and application of techniques that will help shape you into the version of yourself that you have wanted to realise for so long. 

For a flat rate singular payment, you can guarantee that every fourth week you will have that “I am going to make myself better’ feeling - a new beginning, over and over again. 

The nature of our curation model is such that you will gradually build an extensive portfolio of reference materials that will allow you to build your own approach to a self-guided journey towards being the best version of yourself that you could have ever imagined. This method is markedly cheaper than buying offers on a singular basis, and you also receive some fascinating bonus content not for sale elsewhere. Once your intent has been registered, you will instantly receive your opening offer, the gateway to a new you.
money back guarantee

We want you to feel the value and benefits of The Health Vault and also the trust we hold so dear as a company. Therefore, if you feel the product you have received is not suitable or not of the quality expected, we are more than happy to honour a 30-day window refund policy. Please just contact customer support with your order number and we will do the rest. 

Once you start down the path towards mental enlightenment and clarity, coupled with improved heath and fitness, the sky is truly the limit. You won’t recognize yourself and neither will the outside world. A whole raft of opportunities that previously seemed closed to you will begin opening as you exude the confidence and charisma that only a person at ease with their own state of mind and physical appearance can transmit. All of this for a payment on a per-item basis, or a huge value package that delivers monthly additions to your self-help health resource portfolio at an incidental cost. 

We are a new company and we want to prove our value to the health-conscious consumers out there, so our price points may shock you. Please be aware though that these numbers are temporary, and as we gain traction in the market, our value proposition will remain although price points are likely to shift north a touch.

The Health Vault is there for you – the new you. If you are sick of feeling down on yourself and want to take positive action, then start your journey now. Being in lockdown may have accentuated feelings of negativity you already had about your own self worth and physical appearance. Now is the time to fight back.  

You can make these first positive steps to turn the corner in your life at minimum risk to your packed schedule. Under the hammer whilst working from home, stuck in back-to-back meetings? This is the approach you need to gain some traction on the war against your old self. Minutes instead of hours can make positive inroads into this fascinating expedition. Everything can be done from the comfort of your own home. Therefore anything that turns out to be a waste of time in the sense that it is not the route you are looking for, doesn’t mean hours are written off, only minutes. Then there is always the reassurance that the next potential game-changer will be with you shortly with no need to spend ages researching what to try next. 


What could be more convenient than experimenting with all these wonderful resources than doing it from the comfort of your own home? Wear what you want. Do it when you want. Being self-conscious and image conscious are 2 of the issues we want to help you work towards resolving. But until you have reached that new level of confidence that will make you wonder what you were ever worried about, being able to ‘get better’ without having to have others cast aspersions over your methods or performance can be pretty reassuring.

Your success is our success. We can only grow as a business if we keep our customers happy, so any qualms about anything to do with anything - well anything to do with our products at least, reach out to us and we will help. 

Getting frustrated on a path to change is standard – not everything is going to happen easily. The rewards though, when you get on the correct path, are worth that struggle. You sense that you have genuinely achieved rather than gone through the motions.

You must recognise the magnitude of what you have done by even realising that you need to take steps to better yourself. Then going to stage 2 and taking the positive action of finding a solution that can assist in your mission. 

Each initial painful step forward will make every one after it so much easier. We believe that keeping sight of your goals makes the path trodden a little less hazardous, and we know how important it can be to get some advice on the way. Therefore always feel free to reach out to customer support for any queries about your program and how it relates to your overall journey to a better you.

Why us?

The Health Vault is an affordable, varied set of approaches delivered to you on a monthly basis over the course of a year.  If you have struggled to make other health initiatives stick, then The Health Vault will help you identify the right pathway to the new you.
  • You are not forced into a particular approach but rather given a wide range of choices as to how to implement your journey to inner and outer beauty
  • A low-cost way to experiment with a range of ways to get healthy
  • You have control over your journey - you answer to you
  • 30-day money back guarantee

How it works

Upon payment you will receive the first product from The Health Vault, then monthly thereafter you will get at least one more product automatically delivered to your inbox. The products cover all aspects of health and fitness, both mental and physical.

For 147 dollars you will receive at least one product per month - with 2 surprise sign-up bonuses (please note that product delivery will be monthly). The opening product is the Living Paleo collection, comprising a guide, cheat sheet, videos, MP3s and more. But what will you sign-up bonuses be? 

Living Paleo bundle

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