Hate eating green foods but want to get all the goodness you know you need from them?

Dr Berg’s Superfood Powder makes force-feeding yourself things you hate because you know they are valuable to your body, a thing of the past

All your daily veg requirements compressed into a quick-to-make shake

When you’re a kid everyone tells you that once you become an adult, eating greens will stop being a painful experience. It is true in the most part that as we get older, our palettes mature and the thought of eating vegetables becomes less traumatic.

However, how many times have you got in from work and just been too wiped out to cook something nutritious, even though you are painfully aware that this is what you should be doing? After a hard day’s work, standing over a hot stove cannot seem less appealing. You end up reaching for something quick and convenient so that you have some ‘me time’ left for the remainder of the evening.

For those who have refused to grow up and for those who have grown up but are just pushed for time, there are options, though. If you need to make up for the lack of goodness in your day-to-day diet, you can get the missing requirements in a very convenient one-stop-shop package.  

Dr Berg’s Superfood Powder takes literally seconds to blend for maximum convenience and features vitamin-rich wheat grass, a source of vitamins A, B-Complex, C, E and K.

You really need this

If you are not having the time each day to properly prepare a meal from scratch using fresh ingredients, then the likelihood is that you could benefit from taking Dr Berg’s Superfood Powder. Your hectic lifestyle will no longer be a barrier to making sure that you’re doing the utmost possible in terms of giving your body what it needs. You can feel when you are neglecting yourself – your body tells you. Now be in a position to tell your body to be quiet without compromising on your life in the process.  

It really can be that easy to get all those nutrients into you

Seconds, in all honesty, is what it takes to blend Dr Berg’s Superfood Powder into your smoothie, tea of whatever happens to be your choice of consumable. You could really go crazy and add it to soup. Wow. 

Dr Berg’s Superfood Powderwill leave you wondering how you muddled through life without it

This is exactly what happened with me. I thought the rewards of ultimate convenience and that ‘I feel great’ feeling delivered inside a tiny plastic tub? Too good to be true? Well, it’s not. 

It’s not, because you can look for the types of benefits from Dr Berg’s that I call out in my review here. I actually tried the powder through a friend giving it to me the morning after the night before, when staying down at his place on the coast. 

We had had a heavy night the last evening, but had promised ourselves that we would get a tennis match in the next day, no matter what. It had to be early too, as I had a 1 hour 45 minutes drive to get home to look forward to. 

So grudgingly I got dressed and entering the kitchen and was greeted not by a fried breakfast as I was hoping for, but a glass of green stuff. All I can say is that I didn’t want to go near it, and whined that I needed some actual food. My friend Jim flat out refused, told me to man up and get the liquid down me. He swore that it would help my depleted energy levels for the game ahead. Yes, he really did still want to play.

To my total amazement, it actually tasted decent and it got me through over 2-hours of tennis without thinking again about the ‘need’ for bacon and eggs. Since that day nearly 6-months ago, Dr Berg’s has formed the basis of my morning blended drink, and I now skip traditional breakfast without a seconds thought.

No, it’s not going to taste bad

Well, maybe if you add it to a cup of breakfast tea, or your morning coffee. But if you are remotely sensible, you make a shake and have an immediate, totally pleasant way of getting those greens down you. Yes, those greens you had nightmares about as a kid, because of the taste.

It’s not going to be expensive either

Let’s be honest, you can’t put a price on health. But eating well is always going to cost a little more than eating badly. You pay for what you get, as the saying goes. 

However, with Dr Berg’s Superfood Powder. there are big reductions for subscriptions deals to make sure that you’re ‘eating’ well for the best price possible.

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