Been missing out on food you actually like when trying to burn fat?

The Custom Keto Plan pushes ‘one size fits all’ diets out of the window

Heavily researched process results in a custom plan tailored to your food preferences and desired goals

You know the biggest problem you have with your diet. Or should I say the diet that you tried to makes yours. That problem is sticking with the plan. For all the good intentions in the world, if you are trying to constantly deprive yourself of anything that tastes good and to have portions a fraction of the size of what you grown accustomed to eating, then you are destined to fail.

The likelihood is that you have tried numerous times to lose weight, and maybe you  have even made significant headway, but ultimately you break, and before you know what is happening you are overcompensating for that period of denial. You end up eating even more than before, with more treats on the menu. What you need is a plan that affords you the option of eating enjoyable food to help you motivate yourself to stick with it.  

A diet plan shouldn’t be destined to fail

But the sad truth is, they often are. This is not because there is anything wrong with the plan itself, but more due to the fact that is not applied dynamically. For a diet to take, you must engage with it. To do that, it needs to suit you, your tastes and your particular requirements.  

You have to believe in the diet to make it work

If the diet ‘listens’ to what you like and want, then you are going to want to stay involved with it, kind of like a fiend who is a good listener. No likes one-sided friendships, and the same goes for your diet plan – it has to be receptive to your input for a successful relationship with it to blossom. 

Custom Keto is so easy to follow

Once you have outlined your needs and your bespoke plan has been assembled, following it couldn’t be any simpler. Everything is explained super clearly, step-by-step, and you will receive everything you need to make this the win that will help turn your life into the magazine spread idyll. You’re journey will be supported with -  

  • 8-week meal plan created based on the expertise of certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs
  • Featured meals have calorie and macronutrient content tailored to your specific situation and goals
  • A nutrition plan with good variety to ensure you get a wide range of nutrients and find it easier sticking to your diet
  • Meals that are based on personal food preferences to make the diet enjoyable
  • Detailed recipes with step-by-step instructions to make meal preparation super simple (no prior cooking experience needed)
  • A downloadable shopping list each week that details every needed ingredient you will require in the upcoming 7 days
  • Options on how you can customize every meal to further suit your taste
  • Guidance on what to eat every day to reach your goals in the fastest and most enjoyable way


If you have tried other routines and were unable to stick with them, you will be pleasantly surprised with the way The Health Vault is designed

The thing with so many ‘get healthy’ programs is that they are difficult to stick to. This can be for a number of reasons – you may get so far in, then realize that the approach is just not right for you; or perhaps you set out with all the best intentions in the world, but life just gets in the way – who has the time for this sort of thing, right? Could it be that the long, linear journey of working though some monster program is just too daunting?

You can make positive changes to your life with the right opportunity

All this brilliant information is what has been missing so far in your mission to find the right diet that delivers the body you and the rest of the world wants to see you in. 90% of the battle is to find the right tools and Custom Keto does just that. Hand holding throughout the process, making success a formality off the back of a plan designed just for you.

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I have been where you are now

Maybe a little disillusioned with trying to get a hold on your wants, and ignoring your needs. The beauty about a keto approach is that you are not having to suffer the annoyance at missing out on everything tasty, not the frustration of sticking to micro-size portions when everyone else around you tucks into something 2 or 3-times the size. I have had my own struggles controlling my appetite, as you will know if you have visited my YouTube channel.

The good news is that I always find a way to come out the other side of my struggles, and you can too. It is simply a case of finding what works for you as an individual. No 2 people are the same and the value add of working with Custom Keto is that this awareness is built into the solution presented to you.

Who do you want to be?

Imagine yourself on the beach, looking too hot to touch. Getting yourself to that place, literally and metaphorically, where you feel comfortable in your skin, requires a commitmentTo commit to something that will give you the results you crave means being sure of your options.

Why not try before you buy?

Learn to believe with no commitment. Have a look through some of the amazing keto recipes below to get a feel for the types of foods available to you, and whether having a plan built exclusively for you around these sorts of meal could be the answer to your quest for beach-body beautiful.
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Ready to move?

Now you have a virtual taste for how mealtimes could look, why not get a snapshot of how Custom Keto will deliver the missing piece of your weight loss puzzle - take the ‘keto quiz’ to find out how your custom-built keto diet plan will look.

To show how effective the meal plans are, here's what some real clients have to say

Katy Thompson


As of today I've lost 35 pounds, I have no hunger pangs and mentally I feel sharp as a pin. This is definitely going to become a 'way of life' for me as it's so easy to follow…

All my meals are planned out for me and I even get a downloadable shopping list with all the ingredients I need for the weekly shop so it really is a doddle.

I've struggled with my weight my whole life and it's safe to say that I've tried a LOT of diets... The keto diet is the only one I've managed to stick to and the weight is literally melting off my body.

Unlike other diets where I am feeling hungry all day and food is constantly on my mind, the keto diet has completely eliminated this, I actually NEVER feel hungry with this way of eating!

I would definitely recommend anyone struggling to lose weight to try these custom keto meal plans as they really have been a godsend for me.

Gary Best


Click to take the ‘keto quiz’ here and then get a 7-day trial for a dollar.